18 March - Frankfurt


The professionel Speakers by the PTC 2024.

Will Harvey

Founder, CEO, and Developer

Drew Espenshade

VP of Sales & Marking, Customer Success

Dustin Leary

Graphic Developer

Brian Panther

Product and Support Manager – Pyrotekfx



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Here are some of the exciting seminars in the works for our upcoming Pyro Technology Conference (PTC). What topics would you like to see? Hit the button below to take a two question survey and help us make PTC awesome.

Learn the best tips, tricks, tools and shortcuts to take your design ideals from concept to reality with incredible ease. From inserting effects to creating complex sequences, if you’re not using these techniques, you’re missing out!

How might shows benefit from artificial intelligence? Perhaps AI could be used to compose music and edit soundtracks. Come to this seminar for a lively discussion on the ways AI could be leveraged to enhance the show design and production process.

Learn how to harness the latest features to create custom racks that match the racks you own, and how to expertly allocate them with effects to create an optimal layout.

Get an exciting overview of the latest and greatest features and an exclusive glimpse into future developments in Finale 3D.

Learn how to make multiple, custom templates for shoot site layouts with safety circles, annotations, drawings, legends, and information boxes curated for different purposes – for the client, for the safety authority, or for the crew.

Learn how to create dazzling hybrid shows with lights, lasers, and cutting-edge SFX using the latest, (and yet-to-be-released) DMX features and tools to make the most of the DMX fixtures you own.

Learn how to leverage the suite of customization features including branding, formatting, filtering, colors, and conditional highlighting for things like angles and e-matches to make tailored, eye-catching reports.

Do you always print out the same set of reports and diagrams for your shows? Learn how to set up the new ‘Print batch’ features so you can generate all reports and diagrams with a single click, saving the PDFs in whatever names and directories you choose.

Just starting out? No problem. From making a position layout, to adding music, inserting cues and effects, exporting scripts, and generating reports and labels, this seminar will give you a basic overview of the powerful show design workflow in Finale 3D

Tracking inventory might not be fun, but it doesn’t need to be a pain. Learn the best options and most efficient workflows for importing your inventory and knowing exactly what you have available at any given time.

Learn how to use the new 3D Google Maps feature to easily add breathtaking, high-detail 3D buildings, terrain, and imagery to transform your show designs.

Did you know Finale 3D now reads and writes all versions of SMPTE and FSK timecode? Did you know Finale 3D can analyze a soundtrack containing multiple timecode sections and split them up automatically into songs with the correct alignment on the timeline? Learn about these new power-user timecode features available exclusively in Finale 3D.

Learn to use the latest Visual Descriptive Language (VDL) improvements and the effect editor to create beautiful, lifelike simulations of fireworks and other pyrotechnic effects.

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