18 March - Frankfurt

Pyro Technology Conference 2024

Frankfurt, Germany | 18 March 2024


One action-packed day of…

Finale 3D Seminars + Trade Show + Network & Party


Conference Schedule

Check in for the conference, collect your gift bag and conference materials, and enjoy a cup of coffee and other refreshments.

The trade show will be open throughout the day, but this time period is dedicated to the trade show with no seminars or other scheduled activities.

Learn how to use the new 3D Google Maps feature to easily add breathtaking, high-detail 3D buildings, terrain, and imagery to transform your show designs.

Learn the best tips, tricks, tools and shortcuts to take your design ideals from concept to reality with incredible ease. From inserting effects to creating complex sequences, if you’re not using these techniques, you’re missing out!

Guest speaker Brian Panther will share insights from his extensive experience in the live events industry. Get a glimpse of the techniques that Brian and his team at Pyrotek Special Effects use to simulate pyrotechnics and SFX productions for some of the biggest touring musical artists.

Get lunch (included) in the restaurant and visit with our partners exhibiting in the trade show.

Learn how to harness the latest features to create custom racks that match the racks you own, and how to expertly allocate them with effects to create an optimal layout.

Learn how to make multiple, custom templates for shoot site layouts with safety circles, annotations, drawings, legends, and information boxes curated for different purposes – for the client, for the safety authority, or for the crew.

Learn how to leverage the suite of customization features including branding, formatting, filtering, colors, and conditional highlighting for things like angles and e-matches to make tailored, eye-catching reports.

Do you always print out the same set of reports and diagrams for your shows? Learn how to set up the new ‘Print batch’ features so you can generate all reports and diagrams with a single click, saving the PDFs in whatever names and directories you choose.

Did you know Finale 3D now reads and writes all versions of SMPTE and FSK timecode? Did you know Finale 3D can analyze a soundtrack containing multiple timecode sections and split them up automatically into songs with the correct alignment on the timeline? Learn about these new power-user timecode features available exclusively in Finale 3D.

Learn how to create dazzling hybrid shows with lights, lasers, and cutting-edge SFX using the latest, (and yet-to-be-released) DMX features and tools to make the most of the DMX fixtures you own.

Join the Finale 3D development team and other Finale 3D experts for a lively interactive discussion – ask questions and give us your feedback as we in this final seminar session of PTC 2024.

The trade show will be open throughout the day, but this time period is dedicated to the trade show with no seminars or other scheduled activities.

Sadly, the PTC venue can’t accommodate a large-scale fireworks display, be we can’t end the event without some pyro! The demo will feature fountains manufactured by Rainer Apel and employ special racks from MR. Pyrotechnics. Additionally, MagicFX will show off some of their latest SFX.

Join us for drinks, a tasty treat, and a good time with friends as we bring PTC 2024 to a close.


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