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The first ever Online Pyro Technology Conference sponsored by Finale Fireworks will be streamed live over the internet using the Zoom webinar platform. A Finale 3D subscription is not required to attend the conference. Once registered, attendees can join from virtually any device with an internet connection that is compatible with the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App. Please click here for detailed instructions on joining the conference as an attendee. The conference will consist of 8 hours of immersive content over 2 days including product announcements, partner presentations, and training demonstrations. There will also be live Q & A which will allow attendees to ask questions via text based chat. Questions may be answered in real time by text or via audio by the presenter. Please see below for a detailed description of each session and a conference schedule including localized session start times. We look forward to having you at Online PTC!


General Finale 3D Content 

Session 1 — 1st hour

Finale 3D Keynote, Roadmap

This session will kick off the first ever online Pyro Technology Conference – a two day event featuring 8 action-packed hours of all things Finale 3D! In this session Will Harvey, CEO and Developer at Finale Fireworks will highlight the latest features and advancements in Finale 3D. The presentation will also include a preview of the Finale 3D product roadmap with insights on features coming to Finale 3D in 2020 and beyond.

Presented by: Will Harvey

Session 2 2nd hour

Favorite Finale 3D Features presented by Power Users

In this session learn the most popular Finale 3D features and how to use them to take your scripting game to the next level. This session will feature live demonstrations by some of the most experienced, professional designers as they give tips, tricks and show how they get the most out of Finale 3D.

Presented by: Michael Kroeger, Dirk Enders and Vitor Machado

Session 3 — 3rd hour

Partner Presentations

In this session, we are proud to feature three of our technology partners: Cobra, fireTEK, and Pyrodigital. Each partner will give a live presentation demonstrating their latest product advancements in the field of fireworks, pyrotechnics, and special effects.

Presented by: Scott Smith (Cobra), Laurian Antoci (fireTEK), Marcel Berner (Pyrodigital)

Session 4 — 4th hour

Introduction to Finale 3D

This season will feature a live overview of many of the core features of Finale 3D. Topics will include account setup, interacting with the Design, Effects and Script windows, laying out positions, inserting effects, generating a report and exploring a basic firing script. This is a great session for users at all levels, even if you haven’t started using Finale 3D. Already any experienced user? Don’t miss out, you may still learn something new!

Presented by: Drew Espenshade


Finale 3D Master Class 

Session 1 — 1st hour

Productivity Features

This session is the first of four sessions on day 2, all of which will feature live demonstrations with a deep dive on Finale 3D features. In this session, learn the most efficient ways to bring your designs to life by leveraging scripting options, keyboard hotkeys, workflows, and best practices.

Presented by: Drew Espenshade

Session 2 — 2nd hour

Creating Effects

This session will feature a live demonstration on how to master the use of Visual Descriptive Language (VDL) and supporting tools to create effects. Topics will include using proper VDL syntax to create effects and creating cakes by laying out and combining multiple items on the Finale 3D timeline. This session will also cover the use of VDL effect and timing adjustment terms to fine tune effects of all types.

Presented by: Drew Espenshade

Session 3 — 3rd hour

Addressing and Racking

This session will feature an in-depth look at addressing and racking features in Finale 3D. The live demonstration will include creating and configuring racks for shells, single shots, and other types of effects. In addition, learn the power and importance of the ‘type’ and ‘rack type’ effect fields. Finally, learn how to leverage sorting and constraint options when addressing, and how to use blueprints to maximize efficiency.

Presented by: Will Harvey

Session 4 — 4th hour

Custom Reports

This session will feature a deep dive on the wide range of customization that is possible with Finale 3D reports. The live demonstration will include techniques for customizing reports and labels, including filtering and sorting content as well as formatting column visibility width, font sizes, and much more.

Presented by: Will Harvey


Will Harvey 

Will Harvey is a software developer, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Finale Fireworks.

Drew Espenshade

Drew Espenshade is an engineer, professional fireworks designer, professional pyrotechnician, and the VP of Sales & Marketing at Finale Fireworks.

Michael Kroeger

Michael Kroeger is an expert in inventory management and regulatory compliance for pyrotechnics companies, and is a founding employee of Finale Inventory, which specializes in barcoding and inventory management for consumer and display fireworks companies.

Dirk Enders

Dirk Enders is Europe-based fireworks expert and Finale Fireworks (Finale 3D) consultant. Dirk has over 10 years of consulting experience with clients throughout Europe and all over the world.

Vitor Machado

Vitor Machado is the General Manager and Artistic Designer for Luso Pirotecnia. With over 25 years of experience, Vitor has traveled the world dazzling audiences with innovative and unique fireworks designs. Vitor and his team have earned awards in many of the most prestigious competitions including the coveted Montreal Gold Jupiter in 2019.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the owner and founder of Cobra Firing Systems.

Marcel Berner

Marcel Berner is the Director of Development, at Innovative Pyrotechnik GmbH, developer of the Pyrodigital firing system.

Laurian Antoci

Laurian Antoci is the developer of the fireTEK firing system.


COBRA is trusted by thousands of professional display companies throughout the world in over 80 countries. Whether your company performs a few displays or thousands annually, COBRA is a great choice due to ease-of-use and scalability from small shows to world class pyromusicals.

The minds behind fireTEK firing systems are engineering and fireworks professionals who have come together with one intention: to design and build a uniquely capable firing system from scratch. Established in 2009, fireTEK has dedicated itself to changing the way amateur and professional pyrotechnicians interact with their firing systems.

The Pyrodigital system is designed for the needs of the high professional pyro industry. From Olympic Game Openings to huge 4th of July celebrations like the Macy’s Show in New York to Rock’n’Roll shows of the Rolling Stones: The reliability of Pyrodigital enables productions of any scale and complexity. For over 30 years Pyrodigital has provided high-quality equipment with robust industrial components and full system backwards compatibility.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the long-term postponement and/or cancellation of events and gatherings on a global scale as local and federal governments institute measures to limit the spread of the disease. The Pyro Technology Conference, Sponsored by Finale 3D, was intended to coincide with the well-attended event known as Prolight + Sound. With the cancellation of Prolight + Sound and the ongoing global health crisis, it is no longer viable to host a conference with in-person attendees in the foreseeable future. With that in mind we have decided to take the PTC concept ONLINE!



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